At Plantoost, we are always working on making the user experience better.

A few weeks ago, we quietly updated Plantoost. You’ll notice it if you haven’t been on the platform in a while. This update brings you several new features and improvements to make your Plantoost experience as easy as possible!

  • Improved instructional player: Enjoy a seamless learning experience with higher quality videos, next and previous lesson at the click of a button, playing speeds and full screen viewing.
  • Learning: Now one-click away, get into your enrolled, saved, liked classes quickly.
  • Create classes with ease: A different, re-designed class creator and more reliable content creation and video upload so you can put your best class forward.

Anyone can also start teaching and make money doing what you love. Free Members can upgrade to a Pro account for a few bucks a month at any time to have your own personalized storefront with Plantoost Pro. More on that later.

We hope you enjoy the new updates. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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