Over the past decade or two, we have seen the development and expansion of online courses and programs, hybrid teaching, and the rise of for-profit colleges. Prior to that growth, if you wanted to boost your knowledge and get a quality education, you would sign up for a class at a brick and mortar institution, pay the necessary fees, and physically attend class. And let’s not forget, the options then were pretty limited.

While the traditional form of education still reign supreme by mainstream standards, there’s no doubt people are starting to see online education as liberating, given the ever-increasing number of available courses out there that teach you just about anything. The growth of courses with online technology as the sole delivery of instruction also mean that we not only get to learn new skills without laboriously sifting through course syllabus individually, we also get to learn it faster.

At Plantoost, we’re not just going with the flow, we’re taking part in the unprecedented change happening. By leveraging the ever-changing technological advancements in artificial intelligence video streaming and lower server infrastructure costs, we have built an online platform where any content creator can teach a course or workshop or both and have anyone in the world learn their expertise. This is not a radical idea, it is simply brilliant for today’s educational landscape. 

While some say it’s hard to imagine getting a quality education in a model like this, I am positive about the near future of quality educational technology. We are seeing exciting new technologies pop up every single day, from advanced data analytics, virtual reality to artificial intelligence, and people are eager to learn these new things and it always helps to have a great amount of choices to decide what is quality content and vice versa.

In a traditional university, a member of the faculty would have to create a new syllabus and go through layers of bureaucracy before a course or workshop is approved. By the time students start learning the skills through the course which often times can take months or even years, the technology would be obsolete.

On an open platform like Plantoost however, anyone on the globe with knowledge that would benefit the general public can teach a class and monetize from it. Better yet, users get to review what’s worth studying and what’s not.

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