Introducing Plantoost Pro with Entrepreneurial Creators in Mind

As part of Plantoost’s work to make it easier for creators to make money on their own terms, we’re introducing Plantoost Pro, an all-in-one business & marketing platform for coaches, entrepreneurs, influencers, instructors and creators.

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Introducing Coupons for Instructors

When you release a new workshop or a course on Plantoost, it’s usually the culmination of a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and time spent getting things right.

You put a lot of work into every new course you create and we want to help you maximize the impact of your effort with your customer outreach strategy and marketing.

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Follow Creators, Find Courses

Starting today you can follow creators directly and be first to find out when their next courses launch. You’ll also be notified when they’ve created an article that’s just getting off the ground.

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